Bonnie Ryan honors late father Gerry on his birthday: “squeeze your parents tight”


Bonnie Ryan has paid tribute to her late father, Gerry Ryan, on what would have been his 68th birthday. - Instagram/ Bonnie Ryan

The emotional throwback photo that BONNIE Ryan shared of her late father, Gerry Ryan, was accompanied by a message to her followers, telling them to “squeeze” their loved ones tightly.

Radio jock who is cherished The passing of Gerry Ryan, who was 53 years old at the time of his death on April 30, 2010, left Bonnie and her four siblings behind.

Bonnie Ryan honors late father by posting a photo to Instagram today to show her appreciation. The Irish social media influencer shared a delightful photograph of herself and her siblings, all of whom were young children at the time, posing with their father at home.

During the photograph that made my heart melt, Gerry smiled cheekily to the camera while simultaneously raising both of his arms into the air. As Bonnie sat next to her father, she looked up at him in a very endearing manner.

Lottie, her sister, was seen on the instagram picture lying on the couch behind Gerry, and Elliot, her brother, was also captured in the picture in the same position, smiling broadly alongside his father. The woman, who is 31 years old, couldn’t help but feel emotional as she wrote in the caption of her photo, “Dads birthday today. Miss him everyday.”

After that, Bonnie called on her followers to “squeeze” their parents as tightly as they could. A recent revelation made by the Dublin girl revealed that she is still “fighting” with grief following the thirteenth anniversary of Gerry’s passing.

As the date of the milestone draws near, Bonnie shared her own personal journey through grief with her 116,000 followers on Instagram. This came about after someone reached out to give her well wishes.

Grief is a very common emotion, she said. Everyone has experienced the loss of a loved one, and everyone is now going through their own personal struggles or battles. She also always says that she has the nicest people who follow her, and think how she’s so luck to have gotten them.

I don’t know how I got so lucky to have the nicest people who I chat to in my [Instagram messages] everyday

Bonnie Ryan

The good days will get better

In addition, to anyone who is struggling with loss or grief, Bonnie added that you will have some good days and some bad days, but guarantees that the good days will get better and the bad days will get fewer.

A passage from the book written by Bonnie’s late father, titled Would the Real Gerry Ryan Please Stand Up, was recently shared by Bonnie. The love that Gerry had for his family was the subject of the passage that was taken from the book because it was published two years before Gerry passed away.

One of the things that he wrote about his fame was, “I believe that my family has been generous in dealing with this.”

Tears for beloved dad: how bonnie ryan honors late father

Bonnie also stated that she was able to “hear his voice” while reading the first two pages of the book, which caused her an emotional response.

She added that Gerry was the best father she could have ever wanted, he was that person, the person she could call at any time and know that he will be able to get her out of this mess.

Miss him everyday, especially right now

Bonnie Ryan

Lastly, Bonnie stated that grief is a peculiar thing to experience. The event occurs in waves. Right now, there is a period in her life in which she really wishes he could be here to witness everything that she’s doing.

Through her heartfelt posts and reflections, Bonnie continues to honor her father’s memory, encouraging others to cherish their loved ones and reminding them that while grief is a challenging journey, it is one that can eventually lead to brighter days.

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