Barry Keoghan honors late mother at Cannes Film Festival with emotional tribute


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Irish actor Barry Keoghan brought a poignant reminder of his late mother to the prestigious Cannes Film Festival, leaving fans and onlookers touched by his heartfelt tribute. The Dublin-born star, who lost his mother, Debbie, over 19 years ago due to a heroin overdose, attended the festival to promote his latest movie, Bird.

Keoghan looked dapper on the red carpet in a white T-shirt, pinstriped tailored trousers, black sunglasses, and dress shoes. A subtle yet significant accessory adorned his wrist—a silver bracelet with his mother’s name, Debbie, engraved on it. The 31-year-old actor kept his mum’s memory alive as he proudly displayed the jewellery during interviews and photo opportunities.

She’s many years passed now, but I always think about her anyway

Barry Keoghan

The Irish actor has been candid about his mother’s struggles with addiction and her tragic passing, admitting in interviews that she remains a constant presence in his thoughts.

“It’s always just in and around achievements that it’s really prominent cause you’d like to celebrate that with her, you know?” he admitted.

After his mother’s death, Barry and his brother were shuffled through over thirteen foster placements until they eventually found a permanent home with their grandmother and aunt.

Making his fans swoon

Barry, who has a knack for making his fans swoon, enchanted them once more as he struck captivating poses with his young co-star Jackie Mellor on the red carpet at Cannes. The Dublin celebrity highlighted his playful, fatherly side as he and the youngster smiled, posed together, and flashed peace signs. The pair beamed with cheerful smiles in another photo while enthusiastically waving at the photographers.

The four-year-old looked utterly endearing in her blue dress with a playful daisy print and a frilly collar.

After their spirited photo session, Barry gently clasped his co-star’s hand as they strolled away together to attend the world premiere of their forthcoming film.

Barry was also spotted assisting Iris Knobloch, President of the International Cannes Film Festival, in adjusting Jackie’s shoe, ensuring the little girl looked flawless for their photo opportunity.

The actor’s gestures didn’t go unnoticed by fans, who took to social media to express their emotions. They gave the tender moment on the red carpet between Barry and Jackie a five-star rating, with one describing it as adorable, while another expressed admiration for Barry Keoghan, hailing him as a legend.

Other tweets followed.

“My heart is exploding,” one fan commented, while another tweeted, “OMG he’s so sweet.”

Someone named Chloe gushed, “Nooo, I can’t cope, so cute.”

Barry Keoghan’s performances have garnered widespread praise, earning him a prestigious British Academy Film Award. He has also been in the running for an Academy Award and a pair of Golden Globe Awards. Launching his acting journey in 2011, Keoghan quickly rose to fame with his compelling portrayals in Dunkirk and The Killing of a Sacred Deer.

In 2023, he delivered a captivating performance in the psychological drama Saltburn, which earned him nominations for both a Golden Globe and a BAFTA Award in the Best Actor category.

Embracing his past and present

During interviews, the Dublin-born actor candidly discussed his challenging past experiences, including the heartbreaking loss of his mother. His honesty about these experiences resonates deeply with fans, who are moved by his unwavering commitment to preserving his mother’s legacy.

As the curtain rose on the world premiere of Bird at Cannes, Barry Keoghan stood before an eager audience, basking in the warmth of their applause and appreciation. To honour his beloved mother, Barry pledged to keep her close as he navigates Hollywood’s challenges and opportunities, ensuring that her memory remained a cherished part of his journey.

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