2024 Lunar New Year Celebrations in Dublin: Embracing Asian-Irish Culture


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As the Year of the Dragon begins, Dublin’s residents are busy preparing for the Lunar New Year festivities. This cultural extravaganza promises a rich blend of traditional and contemporary ideas, showcasing the best of Asian-Irish relationships.

From midday to 6 pm on February 11, Meeting House Square in Temple Bar becomes a vibrant center of activities for individuals of all ages. This free event, accessible to people of all age groups, ensures an exhilarating mix of performances and activities, uniting communities from China, Korea, Mongolia, and Taiwan.

The Journey of the Dragons

Lisette Krol and Lychee introduce an imaginative exploration called “The Journey of the Dragons,” available for festivities.

This unique collaboration brings together artistry, music, and culture in a thrilling performance not to be missed.

Apart from dances, experience the beauty and agility of Cantonese Lion and Dragon dances, rooted in rich history. Furthermore, you can also witness the slow and deliberate Tai Chi demonstrations, offering a glimpse into the depth and philosophy behind this martial art.

In addition to dance performances, the event will also feature Tai Chi showcases and hands-on workshops where attendees can learn to craft dragon head sculptures and create multi-cultural dragon illustrations.

Children can enjoy face painting, while traditional Chinese folk music will enhance the festive atmosphere. Visitors can immerse themselves in Korean culture through displays of traditional games, attire, and calligraphy demonstrations, offering a rich cultural experience.

Cultural Exploration

The vibrant culture of Korea is showcased through interactive games, clothing exhibitions, and calligraphy presentations.

The Lunar New Year festivities in Dublin are synonymous with food, and local vendors such as Seoul Kitchen and Bahay will be offering genuine culinary delights, enhancing the celebratory atmosphere.

Additionally, local artisans will seize the opportunity to exhibit their intricately crafted jewelry, blending traditional elements with contemporary flair. Dublin’s Lord Mayor, Daithí de Róiste, has warmly greeted the Year of the Dragon, recognizing its symbolism of strength, dignity, and integrity.

Beyond mere feasting, the citywide feast extends to various locations including the National Gallery of Ireland, Hill Street, and Drury and Capel Streets.

These venues will host a range of activities such as self-guided tours, workshops, and Asian-themed entertainment, enriching the cultural experience. Dublin’s Lunar New Year celebration embodies the city’s multicultural essence, serving as a unifying force that fosters connections between diverse communities.


You can also participate in a variety of workshops tailored for both adults and children at The Hugh Lane Gallery.

Unleash your creativity at the Chester Beatty Museum by taking on the Chinese knot challenge, engaging in a mindful session on Chinese Ink Painting, crafting your own New Year lantern as a family, or, for teenagers, designing your very own Chinese Dragon.

Meanwhile, at the National Gallery of Ireland, artist Chun Zu Wang hosts a family workshop where you can collaborate to craft a Year of the Dragon masterpiece, drawing inspiration from a 600-year-old painting of St. George and the Dragon housed in the Gallery’s collection.

The Dublin Lunar New Year event highlights the city’s diverse cultural heritage, promoting understanding and connection between its many communities.

Additional Events

For those seeking additional experiences, other events include the Dublin Bowie Festival, Spike Cello Festival, and Festival of Youth Orchestras. These events cater to diverse interests, ensuring a weekend filled with culture, music, and inspiration.

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