Dublin hospitals’ skyward shift: medical supplies delivered via drones


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In a groundbreaking collaboration, Medtronic, Wing, Apian, Blackrock Health, and St. Vincent’s Private Hospital have teamed up to launch Ireland’s inaugural medical drone delivery service in Dublin. This leading-edge program aims to overhaul conventional transportation methods for essential medical items to hospitals using drone technology.

Wing, operated by Alphabet, has partnered with Apian, a healthcare logistics firm, to facilitate the drone deliveries. Blackrock Health, St. Vincent’s Private Hospital, and Medtronic are working together on a healthcare endeavor.

Medical devices and supplies to be delivered by drone

The drones will transport items such as an ingestible camera, sutures, surgical equipment, and heart valve repair products as their inaugural cargo. They will later broaden their scope to include pacemakers and implantable cardiac defibrillators.

The initial deliveries to Blackrock Clinic and St. Vincent’s Private Hospital by Blackrock Health are scheduled to occur in the near future. The drone pilot in Ireland is collaborating with the Irish Aviation Authority to ensure compliance with drone operation regulations.

“Traditional supply chains have limitations that the inclusion of drones may help to overcome. What we learn from this pilot program will help us to create more resilient supply chains that are patient-focused,” stated Kristian Howells, Group Commercial Director at Medtronic.

Wing’s drones can make faster and more reliable deliveries than traditional road vehicles, enabling hospitals to receive essential medical supplies more efficiently. During the pilot phase, a maximum of one hundred weekly takeoffs and landings will occur. Through a cooperative relationship, the involved organizations are committed to upholding regulatory standards for all aviation activities.

Wing is pleased to support a global leader in healthcare technology and two innovative hospitals to meet their needs for a more efficient delivery service for essential technology

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Dr. Caroline Whelan, CEO of Blackrock Health, highlighted that this partnership exemplifies the potential benefits of integrating technology within the healthcare sector.

“We are excited by the possibilities that come with this drone delivery service and hope to expand this beyond receiving medical supplies by extending uses to other services in time between our hospitals,” Dr. Whelan stated.

Prior use of drones in medical supply delivery

Some companies in the United States have already been granted authorization from the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) for drone medical supply deliveries. The US allows drone deliveries under FAA 135 air carrier certifications, enabling flights on certified routes of up to 26 miles roundtrip.

San Francisco’s Zipline received authorization in June 2022 for the longest-range on-demand commercial drone deliveries in the US. It is expanding its services nationwide with partners like Novant Health and Cardinal Health.

Cardinal Health partnered with Zipline to transport pharmaceutical products and medical supplies in North Carolina. Following the initial deliveries, the company emphasized that these flights would enhance patient access to essential products.

The adoption of medical drone delivery services in Dublin hospitals signifies a significant step forward in streamlining the transportation of essential medical supplies.

Dublin hospitals benefit from drone delivery

Dublin hospitals can enjoy numerous advantages by adopting medical drone deliveries. These benefits include expedited, dependable, and eco-friendly transportation of vital medical supplies.

Apian is delivering the future model for a more innovative and efficient healthcare system and we are very proud to be part of this new partnership

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By utilizing drones instead of road vehicles for delivering critical medical supplies within Dublin’s healthcare facilities, significant reductions in carbon emissions and traffic congestion can be achieved, contributing to a greener environment.

With a remarkable speed of around 100 km per hour, Wing’s lightweight, electric drones stand out as a swift and efficient alternative for transporting essential medical supplies within Dublin’s hospitals, surpassing the capabilities of conventional delivery methods.

In an unprecedented move, a consortium of healthcare and technology leaders has joined hands to redefine medical supply transportation through drones. Their collaboration significantly improves Dublin’s healthcare logistics framework with stringent safety procedures and a productive alliance with the Irish Aviation Authority.

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