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Darkness into light organised walk

Symbolic events are great ways to raise funds and create awareness for things that matter in the world. Darkness into Light is one of those events that the Irish participate in annually for a really good cause. The event will be held once again in 2024 and the date has been set. Here is all you need to know about Darkness into Light and this year’s edition of this auspicious fundraising event. 

What is Darkness into Light all about?

Darkness into Light is a fundraising event for Pieta, an organization that provides services and support for people in suicidal distress or engaging in self-harm. They provide about 4,000 hours of crisis therapy per month and are 80% funded by the public. 

Darkness into light organised walk

Darkness into Light is one of Pieta’s avenues to funding their processes and creating more awareness for people affected by suicide and self-harm. It began in 2009 and involves a day picked out to celebrate and create awareness through various activities carried out at sunrise. It began as Darkness into Light Dublin but has since spread and is done in different international locations. Since 2013, Electric Island has joined in supporting the event and the partnership has helped develop it into something always worth anticipating.

How to Participate in Darkness into Light

There are different ways you can be a part of the Darkness into Light experience. Here are some interesting ways;

1. Take Part in a Scheduled Event

You can register to be a part of a Darkness into Light event. These events usually involve an awareness walk, where you join in with community members to walk into the sunrise and witness a sunrise to remember. Various challenges could open up for the date. You can join any of these challenges which could involve walking, jogging, or just fundraising. Registration is paid to assist in Pieta’s fundraising.

2. Create an event or Challenge dedicated to the day

You can bring in your creativity and create a challenge that people can join in. The end goal would remain the same, which is to raise funds for Pieta and support people affected by suicide and self-harm. Your challenges can be as creative and fun as you like, however, Pieta prioritises safety in all their events.

3. Share a Moment with Friends and Family

If all you can offer is awareness, you can gather some of your close friends and family in your local area and just have a symbolic sunrise event to mark the date.

Darkness into Light 2024

Are you ready to bask in the beautiful sunrise in this year’s Darkness into Light, all for a good cause? If yes, then mark your calendars, because Darkness into Light 2024 has been announced.

Date: Saturday, May 11th, 2024

Time: 4:15 AM

Location: Wherever you want to be

Join in and become a part of a fun and enlightening event for a good cause.

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