Top Street Food Spots To Try Out in Dublin


Street food spots in Dublin

Street food in Dublin ranges from traditional cuisines to international dishes made with locally sourced ingredients. Dublin offers different street food options that can be enjoyed without delay and are affordable. If you’re out in Dublin looking to try street food, here are some top spots to consider.

Top Spots in Dublin For Irish Street Food 

Street food spots in Dublin

Leo Burdock 

Leo Burdock, popular in Dublin, has existed for over 100 years. The chip shop attracts everyone including residents, tourists, and celebrities with its tasty, freshly prepared Irish fish and chips and commitment to using high-quality ingredients. 

Happy’s Bar & Street Food 

Happy’s Bar & Street Food is well-known in Dublin for its enjoyable street food offerings. Located at 14-18 Aston Quay in Temple Bar, this is a must-visit street food spot in Dublin for individuals seeking a blend of cuisine influenced by international street food flavours,  delectable drinks, and a lively atmosphere.

The Salty Buoy

The Salty Buoy food truck is a favourite among those who love seafood. The food truck offers many seafood options such as oysters, and crab, traditional fish and chips, and fresh Dublin Bay prawns. They also have signature dishes and daily specials based on the season. 

Top Spots in Dublin For International Street Food 

Food Van on the streets

Cloud Nine Temple Bar

Situated at 46 Temple Bar, Dublin, Cloud Nine Temple Bar is a popular destination for visitors craving sweet treats. It is recognised for its street food in Dublin, American dishes, and tasty desserts for those who enjoy ice cream.

Pocha Korean Street Food

Pocha Korean Street Food on Millennium Walkway, Abbey Street Upper offers authentic Korean dishes. It is one of the most popular street food spots in Dublin among locals and tourists looking for a sample of Korean cuisine in Dublin.

Oh My Street Food

Oh My Street Food is a culinary gem in Dublin that offers exciting and diverse street food. This food haven provides customers with a delightful experience From mouth-watering tacos to flavourful noodles. Oh My Street Food caters to food lovers of all backgrounds. The vibrant atmosphere and innovative dishes make it a must-visit destination for anyone seeking a unique street food experience in Dublin.

Best Street Kitchen in The City

Street food in Dublin

Xian Street Food Dublin

Xian Street Food is regarded as one of the top street kitchens in Dublin, with two separate locations in the city: 28 South Anne Street, Dublin 2, and 16 North Earl Street, Dublin 1. Their menu features a variety of homemade Chinese dishes with interesting, distinct flavours. The Biang Biang noodles, originating from Shaanxi province, are their speciality dish.

The Longest Queue Award In Dublin 

Queue for street food

The Place Proper Street Food

One can visit this fantastic street food spot in Dublin that draws many customers and causes lengthy lines to try out a wide variety of street food from food trucks. The group of food trucks on the street provides a chance for visitors to try a range of flavours and delicious foods in a lively environment, attracting people who want to sample various street foods in Dublin.

Top Burger Stands in Dublin 

Burger stands

Dash Burger

Dash Burger crafts its meals from premium ingredients. Famous for their patties, freshly baked buns, and choice of toppings, they cater to all tastes. A variety of options from traditional cheeseburgers to BBQ bacon burgers or spicy chicken sandwiches are available at Dash Burger. 

Shay’s Burger Van

Shay’s Burger Van has incredible tasty options to satisfy burger cravings. The Burger Van’s menu features beef burgers, chicken burgers, veggie burgers, and other special creations. The food truck is the best option for both locals and visitors seeking a fast and tasty meal with high-quality ingredients in Dublin.


Highly rated for its straightforward menu, consideration for allergens, colourful decor, and first-rate service, customers can enjoy a selection of delicious burgers at this street food stand. Their burger is made with the perfect patty, cuts of the best beef in Ireland, and free toppings.

Street Food Markets 

Street Food Markets

Howth Market

Howth Market, along Dublin’s coastline, is a cultural experience that showcases Irish culinary traditions. Food lovers and shoppers can explore the Howth market for local produce and fresh seafood while taking in the lively atmosphere and stunning views of the Irish Sea.

Temple Bar Food Market

This bustling market in the heart of Dublin provides the opportunity for visitors to indulge in freshly baked goods, street food, quality ingredients, and treats. It creates the perfect setting for a weekend outing with its charming ambience and range of vendors.


Eatyard’s market for street food in Dublin has several food vendors offering a wide variety of street food in the city, including burgers, tacos, and vegan choices.

Eatyard originated from a festival and now partners with individual pop-ups and chefs with Michelin stars. This market in Dublin has become a favoured spot for food lovers seeking diverse and tasty street food.

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