The 10 Best Burgers in Dublin


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Best Burgers in Dublin

Burgers hold a special place in the hearts of Dublin residents. Some of the best burgers in Dublin have exploded in recent years, with new restaurants popping up constantly, trying to create the perfect patty. Competition is fierce as identifying the best burgers in Dublin becomes a more difficult task day in, and day out.

Best Burgers in Dublin

This article breaks down 10 top restaurants with the best burgers in Dublin that you need to try. It covers everything from longtime favourites to exciting newcomers who are shaking up the scene. A range of prices and styles are included so every burger fan can find something tempting.

Best Traditional Burger in dublin – BuJo

When you want a no-frills burger focused on high-quality ingredients, BuJo Burger Joint in Sandymount is a top choice. Their patties combine cuts of chuck, brisket, and ribeye from Irish farms for maximum flavour. Burgers are simply dressed, allowing the beef’s natural deliciousness to shine through.

Their fries are hand cut every morning and their milkshakes use real ice cream. It’s a back to basics approach delivered exceptionally well, making BuJo one of the best burger restaurants in Dublin.

Best Smash Burger in dublin- Dash Burger

Smash burgers with thinly pressed patties that get crispy edges from the flat-top grill have become a popular trend. Dash Burger on Capel Street executes them flawlessly with beef sourced from one of Ireland’s finest butchers.

Their double patty Kimchi burger with house pickles and special sauce sandwiched between a potato bun is sheer perfection. Don’t skip their epic loaded fries either. Dash Burger deserves its reputation as having the best burger in Dublin.

dublin’s Most Creative Burger – Bunsen

Part of what makes the Dublin burger scene so exciting is the creative topping combinations being dreamed up. No spot plays more with flavours than the mini chain Bunsen. Their concise menu ensures quality by allowing them to focus on each item.

Every Bunsen location has its special burger that’s only available for a limited time. Past examples include a chicken katsu burger, a blue cheese and pear loaded burger, and a breakfast inspired Eggs Royale version. Their inventiveness keeps customers coming back to see what they’ll come up with next, they aim to deliver a variety of the best burgers in Dublin each week.

Best Gourmet Burger in dublin – Featherblade

When only the finest ingredients will do, the Featherblade Steakhouse on Dawson Street excels. Chef Paul McVeigh starts with a blend of aged sirloin, brisket, and chuck. Grass-fed Irish cheddar and salty bacon perfectly balance the richness.

House-made buns, farm-fresh veggies, and perfectly cooked fries complete Featherblade’s upscale burger magnificence. It rivals any burger restaurant in Dublin for taste while retaining a neighbourhood joint warmth and charm.

Best Fast Food Burger in dublin – Eddie Rocket’s

No list of the city’s best burgers would be complete without mentioning the Dublin-based chain Eddie Rocket’s. They helped start the gourmet burger trend here back in 1989 and are still going strong. Their charbroiled patties deliver a chargrilled flavour that’s seriously craveable.

The Smokestack with two patties, bacon, onion rings, relish, and their special sauce is shoo-in for one of the best burgers in Dublin. Convenient locations across Dublin make satisfying Eddie Rocket’s craving easy. Despite the growth over the past 30 years, the quality and care put into each burger remain.

Best Veggie Burger in dublin city – The Bernard Shaw

Finding tasty vegetarian and vegan fare in a meat-centric Ireland used to be a challenge. Thankfully, more and more restaurants understand the need to cater to herbivores. The Bernard Shaw pub in Phibsborough hosts the truck Nice Burger, which nails plant-based burgers.

Their beet, quinoa, and black bean patty get smothered in vegan cheddar for mouthwatering flavour. Crispy coconut “bacon” and garlic aioli add texture and creaminess. Served alongside rosemary salted fries, this meatless burger rivals any in Dublin.

Best Chicken Burger in dublin – Mad Egg

Fried chicken sandwiches have exploded onto the scene recently as an incredibly addicting alternative to beef. Mad Egg, with locations at Grand Canal Dock and Millennium Walkway, does them as well as anywhere in Dublin.

Their chicken is always free-range and covered in a secret blend of herbs and spices before hitting the fryer. Burgers like the Korean-inspired Seoul Mama with kimchi slaw and gochujang glaze or the Big Dipper with gravy, stuffing, and cranberry sauce satisfy all cravings. Mad Egg’s chicken burgers leave you clucking for more.

Best Burger Deals dublin offers – WOWburger

Quality ingredients mean most gourmet burgers don’t come cheap. However, WOWburger provides diners with great value by letting you load up beef or chicken sandwiches with unlimited toppings at no extra charge. Their patties made from 100% Irish Angus beef or free-range chicken are excellent on their own, but add bacon, caramelized onions, pineapple, a fried egg, or any of the many options to take it over the top. It’s easy to build a burger comparable to pricier competitors at a bargain.

two of dublin’s Secret tasty Burgers

PHX Bistro

Tucked away on Ellis Quay, PHX Bistro isn’t as well known as other names on this list but it deserves far more recognition. During lunch hours, they serve a mouthwatering 8 oz dry aged beef burger cooked medium rare that oozes deliciousness with each bite. Topped with Irish cheddar, pancetta bacon, jalapeño mayo, and red onion jam, it’s a burger revelation that more Dubliners need to experience.

The Back Page

Tucked away behind the popular sports bar The Back Page in Phibsborough is their secret burger menu, known only to select regulars. But those in the know Speak in hushed, reverent tones about the succulent PBP (Phibsborough Back Page) Burger.

Two 4oz patties of rich, fatty Wagyu beef get blanketed in a three cheese blend (cheddar, Swiss, parmesan), crispy bacon, caramelized onions, jalapeños and the house burger sauce before getting wedged between a buttery brioche bun. It’s a secret worth discovering.


Dublin’s passion for burgers burns bright. World-class ingredients, creative chefs, and discerning customers drive innovation and excellence across the city. Whether you seek a humble griddled patty or an artisan creation stacked sky-high, Dublin has a burger for you.

This list covers established favourites and rising stars that make up the best burgers in Dublin but new contenders enter the ring every month. Part of the fun for burger lovers is checking out the latest spots and trying to earn a coveted place among the best. Just come hungry and keep the napkins handy!

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