St. Patrick’s Day celebrations: the Urban Art Gallery and Dublin City’s Fado Pub & Kitchen


Ireland's St. Patrick's Day Celebrations: Dublin's Fado Pub & Kitchen and the Urban Art Gallery, Concept art for illustrative purpose - Monok

This St. Patrick’s Day season, Dublin’s Fado Pub & Kitchen invites visitors to join in the festivities.

Located at Bridge Park, this Irish pub will open its doors and offer big pints, live music, and more throughout the weekend.

As Failte Ireland, the National Tourism Development Authority, cranks up the excitement in efforts to sustain Ireland as a high-quality and competitive destination for tourists, everyone expects a bigger, louder, and more spectacular celebration of St. Patrick’s Day.

Ciara Sugrue, Head of Int’l Publicity & Trade Marketing of Failte Ireland, says, “It’s hugely important for the city, it’s worth about 110 million euros to the city in terms of economic impact.”

Spectacular Urban Art Gallery in Dublin 8

The urban art gallery, a novel attraction for Dublin 8, was introduced to the public during the St. Patrick’s Festival 2024.

Six artists’ creations are showcased in this exhibition, A Better City 2024, which spans Thomas Street, Crane Street, and Market Street.

There’s huge pressure, we want to use this opportunity to showcase our culture, our heritage, and modern Ireland, all of the diversity, culture, and talent here

Ciara Sugrue

The eyes of the world will be on Dublin this St Patrick’s Day, providing an exceptional opportunity to present the city’s culture, heritage, and modern Ireland.

Organizers emphasized that it’s not just about the annual parade, with various events scheduled from March 15-18.

Outdoor Gallery: A Better City 2024

In Dublin 8 during St Patrick’s Festival, A Better City, an impressive open-air art exhibition, debuted.

Artists Claire Prouvost, Sophia Vigne Welsh, Mark Conlan, Ruan van Vliet, Bebhinn Eilish, and Gavin Connell have added to the gallery’s collection with their latest large-format mural and print creations.

Interpreting the Theme OF ST. PATRICK’S DAY 2024: Spréach (Spark)

The individual takes on Spréach (Spark) in A Better City for St Patrick’s Festival 2024 exhibits their innovative perspectives.

I have a connection with Irish Goddesses, I focus a lot of my work on them. Folktales and fairytales have been a big part of my life since my early childhood

Bebhinn Eilish

Wicklow-based artist Bebhinn Eilish shared her focus on Irish folktales and fairytales in her work since childhood.

A Better City 2024 is expected to bring colour and vibrancy to The Guinness Storehouse and The Digital Hub neighboUrhood. It intends to engage both recognized and upcoming Irish and international artists for public installations.

Fiach Mac Conghail, CEO of The Digital Hub, emphasized the importance of animating and bringing the city to life all year round.

Richard Tierney, CEO of St. Patrick’s Festival, expresses his delight to have Patrick Kielty, Late Late Show host, as parade grand marshall. “We wanted someone to represent the 32 counties.”

“I’m very privileged to have the steering wheel of the national day. I oversee the whole festival and make it happen….eyes will be on us on March 17,” he concludes.

Fado Pub & Kitchen at the other Dublin

Throughout St Patrick’s Day weekend in Dublin, Ohio, Fado Pub & Kitchen offers a variety of enjoyable experiences, featuring live music, cocktail bars, Irish food and dancing, and performances by bagpipers.

Last March 9, the City of Dublin’s St. Patrick’s Day parade was followed by a live performance by Dogwood Road. The Mclans took over at noon while The Pints provided entertainment for the evening from 6 p.m.

On March 16, Fado will host a downtown Dublin St. Paddy’s Day Pub Crawl. Although doors will open at 10 a.m., the cover charge of $10 starts at 3 p.m. This includes a $20 gift card for use on March 18 and afterwards.

The music lineup includes performances by The McIans at 1 p.m., Roscommon Sessions at 4 p.m., and Dogwood Road at 7 p.m.

On St. Patrick’s Day, March 17, The WillowBea Mollys will perform at 5 p.m.

Minors will not be allowed from 3 p.m. onwards on March 16 and by noon on March 17.

Wherever you may be celebrating, have a Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

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