SoHo Dublin: reviving Dublin’s nightlife scene


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In a time when Dublin’s nightlife scene seems to have lost its vibrance, SoHo Dublin, a new nightclub and entertainment venue, promises to bring the old-school values of clubbing back to the city. Set to open next week (May 18) on D’Olier Street, this multi-purpose destination aims to cater to every facet of nightlife culture, from club nights with top Irish DJs to live music performances and corporate events.

The new trendy happening spot is a breath of fresh air for the city’s young adults, as 4 out of 5 nightclubs in Ireland have closed since the year 2000, leaving many of today’s youth without the clubbing experience their parents had. Co-owners Jerry Harrington and Paul Hayden, Dublin hospitality veterans with decades of experience, are committed to creating a meaningful change in the sector struck by closures.

SoHo Dublin raises the bar for top-tier entertainment in the city with its opulent decor and advanced audio-visual technologies. Still, the venue’s mission isn’t just about putting on a show; it’s about ensuring every guest has a fantastic experience.

However, co-owner Jerry Harrington emphasizes that every visitor to the club can enjoy their night out without worrying about exorbitant costs.

We will ensure that your night out won’t break the bank, but you won’t sacrifice any of the luxuries that you like

Jerry Harrington

“It’s about affordability without compromise. Yes, we have a premium venue, elements like a €100,000 digital screen wall, the best sound system. But this doesn’t mean the patron has to pay through the nose, as so often happens in this city,” he said.

A welcome event

In a challenging era for nightclubs in Ireland, the introduction of this upscale yet accessible new nightclub catering to the over-23 crowd is a refreshing and promising addition to the city’s nightlife landscape.

According to Give Us The Night, a group of industry professionals championing positive changes in Ireland’s night scene, “The nightclub industry here is now so small that it only accounts for 0.6% of the total licensed liquor trade in Ireland. Seven counties in Ireland are now down to their very last nightclub. The government’s promised reform still hasn’t happened, which is halting a rebirth of this once thriving industry.”

“Dublin, with its rich nightlife history, needs fresh venue options to keep the city buzzing and alive,” they added.

As such, they view the announcement about the club opening as a refreshing dose of positivity to the industry, especially amidst the frequent reports of closures.

What’s in store for you

A colossal digital screen wall towers behind the DJ, transforming the dancefloor into a pulsating spectacle where electrifying graphics pulsate in perfect harmony with the music. Saturdays are home to the popular Saturday Club night, where renowned Irish DJs such as Dave Treacy and Dansie entertain the crowd, ensuring a memorable evening for partygoers.

The club proudly offers a musical journey through the decades with three separate rooms dedicated to 80s, 90s, and 00s tunes, allowing each visitor to relive their favourite memories and groove to the beats of their past.

The Irish youth today have never experienced the high quality and high service of the Dublin nightlife experience we enjoyed in the nineties and noughties

Jerry Harrington

Among the various areas within the venue’s three rooms, patrons will discover exclusive spaces designed for ultimate relaxation and enjoyment, allowing them to savour their evenings.

SoHo Dublin isn’t just some new club on the block, though; it’s a versatile venue crafted to accommodate all aspects of the nightlife experience. This trendy spot is set for big things, from vibrant club nights featuring premier Irish DJs alongside live musical performances, engaging theatrical events, exclusive corporate functions, and glamorous fashion showcases.

Bookings for group gatherings, private celebrations, and corporate events are now available for those looking to dive into the club’s dynamic event lineup.

The club welcomes guests from 10 pm until late every Thursday to Sunday, reserving Mondays to Wednesdays exclusively for private corporate bookings.

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