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Steak from a Steakhouse in Dublin

Have you been looking for a steakhouse in Dublin to fine dine or a place to satisfy your beef cravings? There are multiple steak restaurants in Dublin providing delectable steak options that could all contend for the best steak in Dublin, from an exceptional steak restaurant that was ranked 6th for the world’s best steak to another awarded by World Luxury Restaurant. Though Dublin is famous for its pubs and Irish history, you won’t be making a mi-steak savouring delightful flavours at these upscale steak restaurants in Dublin.

best luxury steakhouses in dublin

FIRE Steakhouse & Bar restaurant

Tucked away at the Mansion House, Dawson Street, FIRE is known for its awesome customer relations and premium service. FIRE has been previously recognised by the World Luxury Restaurant Awards as the Global Luxury Steakhouse of the Year in 2020, 2021, and 2022. From choosing the first-rate cuts of beef from the community Irish crops and then searing to excellence, they serve a variety of steaks with sauces that complement perfectly. With the fusion of the unique ambience of the dining room and the live piano music, you can be sure to get an ultimate steak experience.

Shanahan’s On The Green 

Located on St. Stephen Greens, a place that made it to the top things to do in Dublin, this restaurant prides itself on being one of the finest American-style steak houses in the world. From the elegant settings in the rooms, customers get a feel of a mix of both American and Irish culture and history. Though slightly pricey, they offer quality services worth the pay.

Ryleigh’s Rooftop Steakhouse

A perfect place for mountain enthusiasts and beef lovers to enjoy flavour and ambience is the Ryleigh Rooftop Steakhouse located on the 6th floor of the Mayson Hotel, one of Dublin’s trendiest spots. It is known for offering not only succulent dishes packed with flavours but also breathtaking views of the Dublin Mountains and the River Liffey.

best steakhouses in dublin for a date

Hawksmoor Dublin 

For the Cupid lovers visiting, Hawksmoor restaurant is one steakhouse in Dublin you should try out. This British chain of steakhouse and cocktail bars started in 2006 with a desire to discover the finest beef and master the art of cooking steak. 

Tomahawk Steakhouse 

Another intimate home of steak and good time, down the end of Temple Bar Street, is Tomahawk Steakhouse. The live music and visible kitchen where the chefs can be observed at work create a distinct dining setting and promises to be a memorable dining experience. 

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FX Buckley Steakhouse 

For individuals who pride in traditional heritage, the legendary FX Buckley Restaurant is your best bet. Owned by people who were initially butchers, this particular steakhouse in Dublin is ranked No. 6 amongst the 101 best steakhouses in the world and the only Irish restaurant on the list in 2023. As meat experts, Buckley’s goal is to ensure their consumers experience foodgasm from every bite of their quality, tender, juicy, flavoured, and mouth-watering culinary masterpiece – the world class steak. They have various outlets spread across Dublin, ensuring you get options no matter the neighbourhood you are in. 

Marco Pierre White Steakhouse and Grill

In search of a steakhouse that delivers nothing less than standard? 51 Dawson Street, Marco Pierre White Steakhouse and Grill is your go-to restaurant. You can depend on Marco and Fitzers to exceed your expectations. Marco Pierre White provides a simple yet old school menu including dishes prepared using the finest ingredients by chefs trained in London by Marco himself.

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Featherblade Steak Restaurant 

An affordable and efficient steakhouse that is concerned about its impact on the environment shown by its dedication to regenerative farming is definitely one you should check out on Dawson Street. By prioritizing high-quality Irish steak, Featherblade uses Irish herds that are grass fed and stays clear of meats that are made industrially. 

Boeuf & Coq 

This steakhouse located on Suffolk Street, is known for prime cut Irish beef that are aged. They present affordable and delicious steaks on a steaming seasoned cast iron plate. Their simple menu does not seclude customers from great food choices and overall offers a fun dining experience.

To locate the best steak restaurant in Dublin offering your desired cuts and cook styles, search online reviews, verify on their websites and pages for your choices, and book ahead of time.

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Every steakhouse listed in this piece is a worthy destination. The decision comes down to your location and your desire to try out the different steaks. These steak restaurants in Dublin offer not just the best steak in Dublin but an atmosphere that makes them taste even better. It’s not too late to start a checklist!

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