Indian Restaurants Near Me: Dublin’s Finest


Indian Restaurants in Dublin

Indian delicacies have found their way into many European countries. Indian restaurants are present in many cities and Dublin isn’t an exception. If this is something you crave regularly you will need to know the best places to catch the spiciest and tastiest Indian meals in the city. This article will walk you through various Indian Restaurants in Dublin where you can satisfy your cravings.

Hottest Curry In Dublin

Curry from Indian Restaurants

Indian restaurants are known for their special Indian curry, the most notorious and spiciest being the “Phaal Curry.” It is known as the hottest Curry In the world. Here are a couple of Indian restaurants in Dublin where you can get the hottest curries. 

Spice N Rice

Phaal from Spice N Rice is unarguably dubbed as the “Spiciest Curry In Dublin.” If you are in Dublin, and you’re feeling adventurous, get yourself to Dorset Street, walk into the Spice N Rice Indian restaurant, and have a taste of greatness. It is also a fun place to go with teenage kids and see who can take the sauce best.

Kathmandu Kitchen

If you’re feeling less daring, but still want to enjoy the Spice, you can try out Kathmandu Kitchen on Dame Street, Vermilion of Terenure. Kathmandu Kitchen is just a stone’s throw away from the Olympia Theater. If you at any time have a gig to watch at the theatre and feel like a spicy Indian meal, they’ve got you covered with their classics like chicken pakora, prawn bhuna, and aloo chap. You can also try out other dishes like the Tikka Masala and the Vindaloo.

Other worthy shoutouts when it comes to spicy curry are Bombay Pantry and also Konkan.

Finest Indian Sit-in Restaurants in Dublin

sit-in restaurants

If you’re looking not only to have your delicacy but alongside a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing environment, this article has got you covered on some of the finest sit-in Indian restaurants in Dublin.


Konkan in Clanbrassil Street is notable for its Vindaloo. Their tasting menu consists of a selection of starters, followed by three shareable mains, and a plate of rice plus garlic and plain naan. You will definitely leave with your belly fully satisfied.


Another lovely sit-in Indian restaurant in Dublin is the famous Diwali on George’s Street. They have an early bird menu which is magnanimously affordable for the kind of comfort they provide. Affordability and comfort all wrapped in one make it a top choice!


There’s also the elegant Doolally, with menus created with inputs from Michelin star Alfred Prasad, an Indian chef who was awarded a Michelin star at the age of 29. The Indian restaurant reflects great style and luxury which anyone will pay a substantial amount to sit comfortably and feed in.

Indian Restaurants in Dublin with the Best Atmosphere


A Michelin guide-listed Indian restaurant in Dublin with a gorgeous view and atmosphere is Rasam. It is located on a breathtaking seaside, the Dún Laoghaire area. Alongside nice dishes like aloo tikki and pork chatpata, they also serve different dishes of vegan and vegetarian meals which will leave you wanting for more until you can’t take in any more.

Great Indian Takeaways in Dublin.

Indian takeaways

Bombay Pantry

Bombay Pantry, famous for its Tikka Mirchi has various takeaway restaurants in Dublin. It can be found in locations such as Fairview, Clonskeagh, Glenageary, Rathfarnham, Rathmines and Walkinstown. This makes it really easy to find one nearby and grab a quick to-go meal.

Spice of India 

Spice of India is also well known both for their fire Vindaloo, and their Chilli Masala made with special spices, chicken, and fresh chillis. They have restaurants on William Street, Clonsilla and Swords, where you can easily place online orders.

Dublin’s Cost-Efficient Indian Restaurants

There is no shame in wanting to save costs and not spend all of one’s income on meals and delicacies. Here are some affordable Indian restaurants in Dublin that wouldn’t compromise their style, quality, and quantity at the most basic prices. 

Kerala Kitchen

Kerala Kitchen is a nice place on Baggot Street particularly trusted for their delicious Bhelpuri. 


Pickle on Candem’s Street is also a fair-priced restaurant specialising in Indian flavours like the Tandoori scallops and kid goat curry.

Fill your bellies adequately

The city of Dublin is blessed with top-notch restaurants of different varieties. This array of Indian restaurants is among the finest in the city and you can decide which one to visit depending on your prioritising factor. And if you’ve never had a proper Indian meal before, how about trying one out first?

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