Best Places To Get Brunch in Dublin


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Brunch in Dublin

A little after breakfast, your stomach yawns in displeasure as you walk through the city of Dublin. Perhaps, your brain just craves a bit of glucose at that auspicious hour between breakfast and lunch, and it’s a call you can’t ignore. Where can you call in for the best brunch in Dublin?

Brunch in Dublin

Many restaurants rise to the surface of Ireland’s most loved city, offering different cuisines to suit your brunch buds, but you will appreciate having the best of them at your fingertips. This article shows you the places to get the best brunch in Dublin —spots perfect for your budget, needs and belly weight.

Best Brunch in Dublin for Tasty Meals

Tasty Brunch in Dublin

Murphy’s Bistro Cafe

At the termination of the O’Connell Bridge, you will find Murphy’s Bistro with a great selection of tasty meals to pick from. From their highly rated avocado toasts to their pancakes and burgers, you can wash down with their equally credible drink list of wine, cappuccino, and juice.

One Society 

Locals say the dishes at One Society leave you feeling like an inventor at the end of your meal because of the flexibility of their menu. Sitting pretty on Lower Gardiner Street in Mountjoy, their dishes cover the gap from inventive to classics, baking breakfast mixes to go with creamy slides. A recommended example is their potato rosti topped with egg mayo, peppered bacon, and saffron. 

Best Brunch in Dublin for a Meeting

Best Brunch spots for a meeting in Dublin

Herb Street 

Sweet tooths find the most joy when they walk into this restaurant tucked at Hanover Quay, Dublin Docklands. The relaxing environment plus delicious food makes it a good stop for brunch in Dublin with a friend or client. They offer affordable and fresh brunch dishes most suitable for people staying around the Docklands or those visiting the area.

Their beautiful terrace is much hyped by the locals for eating out when the sun is out, or during winter when you could enjoy being tucked under blankets while enjoying your food. 

Ebb & Flow 

If you’re looking for a place with great brunch yet suitable for a meeting with a friend from across town, you’re looking for Ebb & Flow. They’ve got a portable brunch menu with traditional breakfast dishes and are accommodating to any extra additions (or subtractions) that you might have. Located at Camden Street, Dublin 2, this place offers great coffee to go with. 

The Little Cactus 

Little Cactus is arguably the best brunch spot in Dublin City Centre for plant lovers. They combine a menu with artfully presented dishes with a view of plants for sale. Seated in a corner of Prussia Street in Stoneybatter, The Little Cactus offers a small but perfectly crafted menu laced with their legendary sambos, their luscious avocado toast, pastries, and freshly ground coffee to top it. As well as eating good food from their selection, the view of plants makes it a ranked stop you should try out this weekend.


If you’d rather have your brunch in a quiet yet lovely part of town, Wuff is your first option. Wuffed up on Benburb Street, Smithfield, this space’s menu is flexible enough to cater to different types of eaters, while maintaining quality in taste. 

As well as being a locally owned cosy neighbourhood bistro that is loved by locals, they serve exquisite modern European dishes throughout the week—a pleasant contrast from the big windowed quiet place.  A definite stop with your parents, if you will.

Best Brunch in Dublin City Centre

Brother Hubbard 

Spread out at different locations in the Dublin City Centre, this place leaves you feeling like you just hit a jackpot when you walk through its doors. Their steaming bowls filled with spicy sauce and flavoured oils are your best bet for a jolt to start your day.

After your meal, their appetizing desserts call for you from their aesthetic shelves, begging you to have one of their reputable moreish cakes and a bang of coffee for a fill. This restaurant with a Middle East-inspired menu and ambient environment serves good brunch that leaves you wanting more!

Best Brunch in Dublin for Vegans


This see-through, laden with metal and glass food haven sits pretty on the Glass House, Smithfield, and calls out to lovers of good food. Its reputation for luscious dishes leaves the restaurant packed with customers despite a large sitting area. For brunch, their menu is always changing to encourage freshness and variety, but they keep their best on a regular ride. Most of which include their infamous omelettes served with homemade crisps. 

The team at Urbanity also reserves a big beautiful menu for vegans and picky eaters, so if you love to have a piece of this and that, this place would be your match. For anything, their to-go coffee makes your stop a worthy visit.

Best Brunch in Dublin For Pet Owners

Brunch in Dublin For Pet owners


One of the most popular spots for brunch in Dublin, Southbank on Harold’s Cross Bridge holds a record for their soft poached eggs with Burton-esque pea shoots. Their breakfast baps are also a bookmark, as well as their steamy flavoured pancakes, all perfect for the mid-morning meal. A pet-friendly environment overlooking the Grand Canal, Southbank ticks the boxes of what makes a good brunch spot in Dublin City.

Two Pups Coffee 

Tucked away on The Liberties’ 74 Francis Street, this place is highlighted as the face of the Dublin brunch scene. As the name suggests, you could visit the place with your dog as it is incredibly pet-friendly. As well as their welcoming ambience, they serve the best of coffee from behind a cabinet of velvety cakes and pastries. Its bubbly nature filled with people is a good blend with the classic interior decor, giving you a relaxing feel as you have your meal.

Grab Brunch Anywhere in Dublin

Eating Pancakes For Brunch

There you have it! Our highlight of the best places for brunch in Dublin. Although these places are also suitable for breakfast and dinner, their brunch menu gives you a run for your money and a satisfied brunch time out.

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