Best Mexican Food In Dublin


Mexican Food in Dublin

As far as the tales of the Mexicans go, the tales of Mexican foods and their delicacies go further. Mexican restaurants’ delicacies have been praised all over the world, and they have made no exception with Dublin. If you ever find yourself craving any Mexican food in Dublin or would like to try out a new delicacy, you’ll find here some Mexican restaurants you can try out.

The Best Burritos You Will Ever Try In Dublin.

Best Burritos in Dublin

Burritos are one of the classiest Mexican foods. They are like snowflakes, they come in various combinations and flavours, and you don’t have to be bothered about your calorie intake. If you are in Dublin and you’re looking for a perfect wrap of burritos that will fill you just enough to keep you reminiscing for more, you can check out these amazing Mexican restaurants.

Mr Burrito

Just like other Mexican restaurants, the self-acclaimed “king of burritos” in Dublin has other amazing Mexican food like fajitas, guacamole and tacos on their menu, but the restaurant was named after just one Mexican food and they sure do outdo themselves with their well flavoured must try burrito. 

They are located at 86 Drumcondra Road Upper, Drumcondra, with their super friendly staff ready to welcome you anytime you want to try out any Mexican food, specifically their burrito.


Boojum is one of the Mexican restaurants with more than one branch in Dublin. They are known for their generous portions of fresh Mexican food made from high-quality ingredients gotten from local Irish vendors, and they combine them in such a way that leaves you wanting to devour the foil. They have various locations in Smithfield, Abbey Street, and Kevin Street. 

Boojum has a menu that hasn’t been altered for over ten years and it offers many Mexican food options like burritos, guacamole, and fajitas with different toppings, meats, and salsas. The regular queue at any branch is enough proof that they are good at what they do, and their burrito is arguably the best in all of Dublin.

Pablo Picante

This is one of the most popular restaurants for Mexican food in Dublin. With branches on Clarendon Market, Baggot Street, and Dawson Street, you are never far away from a branch. They have a vast number of dishes varying from quesadillas to burritos, then to tortas and Paleo boxes. Their carnival burrito is one you should definitely try out if you find yourself in Pablo Picante which is sometimes referred to as the SoCal of burrito bars in Dublin. 

Other Mexican restaurants that serve good burritos are Burritos and Blues, which claim to have Dublin’s biggest burritos, and Mama’s Revenge Burrito Hut.

Tasty Tacos You Must Try

Tasty Tacos in Dublin

Taco is a traditional Mexican food that consists of a tortilla, folded around a filling which can be pork, beef, chicken, beans, vegetables, cheese or whatever satisfactory filling is preferred. Anyone in Dublin looking to try out the popular Taco can stop over at any of these Mexican restaurants.

El Grito

On a narrow street perfectly tucked between Temple Bar and Ha’penny Bridge, lies one of the most tantalising Tacos you have ever tasted. Formerly the location of Ireland’s only Polish restaurant, now fully brandished with varieties of Mexican food and charm, El Grito is not only home to various dishes such as alambre or burritos, you also get to choose from a selection of nine different styles of taco. It’s like a candy store made of tacos, a tacos store. You can find it at 20 Mountjoy Square E, Mountjoy, Dublin.


Located on Drury Street, Masa is the home to Mexican food in Dublin, which has the perfect mix of casual, friendly, and busy aura. Their all-inclusive variety of tacos includes all kinds of fillings like fish, chorizo, mushroom, and all kinds of vegetarian and vegan tacos. They also have a special taco menu known as the Carne Asada tacos which has a distinct cinnamon kick that tastes different from other regular tacos from other Mexican restaurants.

Taco Taco

The repetition of Taco in the name of this Mexican restaurant is definitely no mistake. The reputation that precedes this Mexican food is doubled once you have a bite of Taco Taco’s Taco. They also have other amazing dishes like their plantain salad and their fluffy cheesecake. You can track this beauty to Leeson Street right in East Side Tavern.

Mexican Date Night

Mexican Dates in Dublin

You and your friends are in Dublin and are looking to catch up on old times and recent updates, you’re trying to familiarise yourself with a potential partner, or you’re trying to have that perfect date with one of the many Mexican foods in Dublin. Here are a few Mexican restaurants that give you many routes to satisfaction, and would not burn a hole in your pocket.

Cactus Jack’s

Just within the narrow Millenium Walkway, with numerous conducive rooms inside and also a few tables and chairs outside for people who prefer nature’s bare feeling, Cactus Jack’s is one of the Mexican restaurants that promotes and aids cordial dates while supplying the best Mexican food. It is also just a few minutes walk from the Millenium Bridge which is a beautiful site for friends and lovers. It also can accommodate up to 120 people for those who don’t mind the idea of getting married in the same Mexican restaurant where they had their first date.


Right there on the busy George’s Street, it is so easy to look past Triple Seven with its discreet inconspicuous exterior. They serve one of the best Mexican foods in Dublin, with their interior energy a direct opposite of the vibe represented outside, you really shouldn’t judge this book by its cover. They have various taquitos and tostadas, with one of their specials called the Chorizo Taquito. They also have the Cauliflower for veggies. They also have the Taco Tuesday every week which gets you and your date two delicious taco treats for just €6.


Like Triple 7, Xico also indulges in the Taco Tuesday Treat at just €2 per Taco. You have the luxury to match and mix your Taco with a Six-Board for only €12. Xico concurrently serves as a bar, hence, neither of the Mexican restaurants is a better choice to go on that date than Xico in Baggot Street, where you get to enjoy your Mexican food and party at the same spot.

Best Mexican Takeaway In Dublin

Mexican takeaways in Dublin

Mama’s Revenge

If you are looking for any indication or proof that you are at the right place, the queue in front of Mama’s Revenge on Leinster Street is all the sign you need to know that you have gotten to a place where all of your cravings for Mexican food are met. Regardless of how long the queue gets, their takeaway service is quick, curt, and polite, attending to each customer and leaving no one wanting.


One of the various Mexican restaurants that boast various locations across Dublin is Tolteca. With locations on Suffolk Street, Baggot Street, and Camden Street, you can easily walk into any of the branches, order, and pick up a takeaway portion of any Mexican food of your choice. They have the cleanest burritos with great consideration for Vegans.

Anytime you find yourself in Dublin, by chance or purpose, you can easily walk into any of these Mexican Restaurants, and get for yourself portions of the best Mexican food in Dublin.

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