7 Top Spots To Grab Dublin Fish And Chips


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Dublin Fish and Chips
Dublin Fish and Chips

Dublin is bookmarked for being a haven of beauty, and this beauty is even more highlighted by the mouth-watering Irish cuisine of which Dublin Fish and Chips ranks as a top fast food. If you are looking to calm your hunger pangs with succulent deep-fried pieces of cod or hammock that ooze out the flavour, or you are visiting the city and exploring its delicacies, you will appreciate getting this meal at its finest. 

The question of where you can find the most savoury of them despite the competitive pubs and seafood restaurants in Dublin is what this article aims to answer. This guide shows you the top 7 spots to get the best Dublin fish and chips that will leave you satisfied.

Best fish and chips menu in dublin

Embassy Grill

Sitting chippy on Pembroke Place, Dublin, Embassy Grill is infamous for its diverse fish and chips menu. The grill offers a variety of flavoured and spicy chips to go with their steamy hand-cut cod and hammock all under a budget of €15. 

With freshly cut chips and boneless fish being their hallmark, this spot gives you a good run for your money with architecture that seems to take you back in time. The best part about this place? You could take a walk or cycle along the beautiful River Dodder after your meal.

SOLE Seafood & Grill

Awarded ‘Best Luxury Seafood Restaurant in Europe’ at the World Luxury Restaurant Awards 3 times in a row since 2019, SOLE grill is your go-to when you think of fish and chips tantalizing enough to keep you on your toes. 

Open 7 days a week from noon till late at night, this restaurant is focused on serving contemporary Dublin Fish and Chips at its finest. Take, for example, their elegant Fish ‘n’ Chips with Beer battered cod, minted pea puree, and tartar sauce—modern luxury! Word also has it that you might run into your favourite celebrity at the place. Now, isn’t that worth a try?

Fish Shack

Located on Largartoire pier, Fish Shack is claimed to serve the most fantastic Dublin fish and chips. To back this claim, you are advised to go early if you do not want a sold-out sign staring you in the face. Their menu includes the savoury fresh market white fish in soda batter, and you could choose to have yours either deep fried or smoked, and served with tartar sauce and shack chips. All this plated goodness for an affordable €15!

And although the food gets rave reviews from both locals and foreigners, it is not the only gem that Fish Shack offers. Their efficient service and friendly staff keep customers on a steady return. If you want your food on the go at this place, the waterfront park right in front of the neighbourhood shack is a worthy view to accompany your meal.

Best takeaway fish and chips in dublin

Ferrari Takeaway

When you think of quality chips with a big cod serving, Ferraris comes to mind. Tucked in Thorncastle Street in Ringsend is this on-the-go, stunning takeaway known for its ageless crispy chips and fresh fish. Having been in business for over 30 years, little has changed in the exquisiteness of their taste and delivery. Their staff are ever welcoming and their takeouts are affordable. Little wonder the locals revere the place! Who knows? Maybe you would too.

Dublin fish and chips spots with the best services

Fish Shop 

One of the most popular shops for Dublin fish and chips, Fish Shop on Benburb Street, Smithfield, is known for the best locally caught, beer-battered fish serving.

From what started as a converted shed in the Blackrock market, the shop’s growth has earned them their current bigger spot in Smithfield which allows the team the necessary space and equipment for prepping mouth-watering Fish and chips and delicious wine to go with it. As well as their reputation for kind service, the menu at Fish Shop changes daily, so you are assured of incredibly fresh dishes.

Kish Fish 

For a truly unique experience while grabbing Fish and chips, make your way to any of the four Kish Fish locations in Howth, Coolock, Bow St & Dunboyn,  Dublin. Run by the O’Meara brothers, the place has grown in delivering delectable fish delicacies for over 55 years. 

The place is known for its hand-selected fresh fish and a family-favourite menu of Howth-style Dublin fish and chips. As well as food worth your money, this kitchen offers decor and customer treatment cosy enough to make you a fan for life. Make a stop to get a flavoured experience.

Dublin fish and chips hall of fame

Leo Burdocks 

This guide is complete with highlighting the oldest Dublin fish and chips home, Leo Burdocks. This iconic spot dates as far back as 1913 and is now spread over ten locations in the bubbly city of Dublin. 

A proud Dublin Institution, Leo Burdocks is loved by locals for its crispy chips and tasty fish served in generous portions. Not only is this generational spot a top choice for locals but it is known for being frequented by celebrities like Tom Cruise and Bruce Springsteen making regular visits. If you’re looking for a place that highlights Dublin’s history yet offers undisputable food quality, this is your best bet. Bonus tip if you’re having a takeaway— ask for their famous crispy bits which they add to the top of the bag for free!

It’s a “Wrap”

Fish in Bubble wrap

That’s it on what we think are the top spots to grab the famous Dublin Fish and Chips cuisine based on ratings on their food, customer service, and decor. Will you be trying any of them?

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