10 Of The Best spots for Lunch in Dublin


Best Lunch Spots in Dublin

You’re in the city of Dublin and hungry at the time when the sun is the hottest, and your metabolism rate is the fastest. Looking for where the best lunch in Dublin is at such a time when your stomach is gurgling loudly and your hands are too stuffed with work or other activities to get in the kitchen may seem like a gruesome task. You might end up picking the first random restaurant you see online, without minding the repercussions of needing more information about it.

Best Lunch Spots in Dublin

To prevent such an unfulfilling lunch situation in the prideful city of Dublin, this article contains the best lunch spots you can find in the city; one you can keep handy for hot and hungry noons.

Best Lunch in Dublin For Sandwiches


Carved is known for its quick and loaded sandwiches— a lunchtime therapy for those looking to dash out of work to grab a bite. Open till 3 pm daily on Hanover Street East, Dublin 2, this eatery offers its signature hefty roll of just the right amount of cheese, meat, garnish, and bread at an affordable price. Make a stop with just the right number of napkins, and be sure to eat yours by the nearby waterside for maximum pleasure.


At a corner in Aston Quay, Dublin 2, you are promised a happy meal when you try out the signature ‘Bánh mì’ at Happy’s restaurant. This stuffed sandwich with a heavy, yet light combination of carrot ribbons, cucumber, onions, coriander, and other savoury condiments layered with Maggi mayonnaise is available only on Mondays to Fridays, so be sure to schedule a delightful stop!


This female-owned business on Montague Street, Dublin 2, gives you toasties that leave you feeling like the name of their place. Their wield of the sandwich menu is like no other, ranking them as arguably the best toastie in the city. How true is this rating? You should stop to find out!

But before you do that, note that their exquisite indoor and outdoor dining decor might have you spending more time than you initially intended.

Best Lunch in Dublin With The Best Menus

Emer’s Kitchen 

Stuffed in Leeson Street Lowe, Dublin 2, Emer’s kitchen serves regular lunch delicacies from soups to salads, sandwiches to their infamous frittata but all prepared with due excellence. Dubliners love them for their spontaneity, as their menu does a beautiful flip on most days. So if you’re up for a surprise on the type of cheese or meat laid on the bread, you will love the place. 

Keep in mind that Emer’s Kitchen is a takeaway establishment only. However, due to its proximity to nearby gardens like Iveagh Gardens and Stephen’s Greens, you could always eat your meal on a perch on warmer days. Stop here if you love delicious food with a bonus of people-watching.

Soup Dragon 

Are you looking for a place with soup good enough to make you close your eyes while letting off steam? This elegant restaurant at Capel Street holds your answer! As its name boasts, Soup Dragon offers a variety of soups with the option to add solid edibles alongside, like salad, sambo, and even homemade brown bread. 

Even better is their menu with special preferences if you love veggies or gluten and dairy-free products. A definite try if you want a good run for your money and belly!

Best Lunch in Dublin With Great Ambience 

Sprout & Co 

Spread out across the city of Dublin in different locations is the infamous Sprout & Co known for its tantalising yet filling salads and soups.  Be careful, though. You might have a hard time choosing between the available soup bowls and even where to eat the meal, thanks to the relaxing ambience setting of the restaurant to accompany your food. 

A perfect place for workers and tourists who can hardly make time to sit in or stop by, their delivery service is quick and efficient, preserving the pleasant sight—and warmth— of your bowls.


If you’re looking for a cosy place that takes you back in time as you enjoy your food, this place at Rialto, Dublin 8 is your bet for the best lunch in Dublin. Their menu is nostalgic in its offerings as it offers dishes that go way back, ranging from eggs in a cup to salad sandwiches. A definite try for the bonus of affordable pricing.

Best Lunch in Dublin For Pet Owners

The Cheeky Piglet 

Offering the best kind of grilled sambos, hash browns, and meals with a homey fill, this restaurant has proved its consistency in quality in over 3 years of business. Their pet-friendly cafes and welcoming staff keep customers and new patrons relaxed and returning. You could be one too!

Best Lunch in Dublin For Something Different

Lunch in Dublin For Something Different

Tokyo Kitchen 

If you are a lover of raw fish, an experience at Tokyo Kitchen will leave you frequenting Bow Street, Dublin 7, a little more than usual. Their sushi is revered for being prepared by skilled chefs with the healthiest ingredients. Although there is no indoor seating at this restaurant, their food quality ranks them as one of the best places for lunch in Dublin.


A popular Argentinian restaurant on Portobello, Dublin 8, Alma is arguably the chief of egg dishes perfect for lunch in the heart of Ireland. Their poached egg dish is much talked about, alongside their variety of elegant dishes like the artfully presented pancakes, their luscious vegan hummus toast, and the stop-in-your-tracks Choripan Argento—an Argentinian-style sausage on sourdough. An absolute delight.

Their food quality and fame leave you with strictly an hour at the table on weekdays and 50 minutes on weekends. Be sure to make a quick dash if your buds crave a little foreign spice of goodness!

Don’t Miss Out on Lunch

Lunch in Dublin

This list is not an exhaustive guide but the variety of places listed suit a wide range of cravings for lunch. Be sure to look up the opening hours for these best lunch spots in Dublin if you plan to go a bit earlier or later than noon, and if you want to have a cheat day, you can get brunch instead. Which spot will you be having your lunch in Dublin next?

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