Best Yoga Studios in Dublin


Yoga Studios in Dublin

Yoga originated in India over 5,000 years ago and has now become a mainstream fitness regime across the world. The many physical and mental health benefits of yoga include reduced stress, increased flexibility, improved strength and balance, pain relief and overall better quality of life. 

Yoga Studios in Dublin

Dublin is home to many high-quality yoga studios catering to varying needs. From Hot Yoga to Vinyasa Flow classes set in serene environments, yoga enthusiasts in Dublin are spoilt for choice. This blog discusses the top 6 yoga studios in Dublin taking into account the variety of yoga styles, class levels, amenities, expertise of yoga instructors and convenience.

Mandala Yoga

Mandala Yoga lives up to its name, which means “sacred circle” in Sanskrit, by providing a welcoming community space for yogis. It offers new students an unlimited 1-week yoga pass for just €20, allowing them to experience different styles like Yin, Flow and Prenatal yoga. 

The spacious, Zen-inspired facilities with a relaxing waiting area provide the ideal practice setting. The experienced instructors adapt classes for all skill levels and health goals. Updated schedules for the yoga classes are available online and in-studio.

In addition to regular yoga, Mandala organizes special yoga events and workshops every month. Students highlight the friendly yet challenging environment that allows them to progress in their practice. 

Ashtanga Yoga Ireland  

As the only authorised Ashtanga yoga instructor in Ireland, Gillian Mooney provides the true Ashtanga experience at her studio in Dublin. She guides students through the breath-synchronized sequence of postures for a revitalising workout.

Options include 6-month foundational and intensive Ashtanga courses along with weekend yoga retreats at a serene wellness centre, making it one of the most well-thought-out yoga studios in Dublin. Private and corporate yoga classes are also offered by Gillian, who has been studying yoga since 2005. Her classes are live-streamed as well as recorded for students’ convenience.

The open daily schedule, expert and caring instruction in a supportive community make Ashtanga Yoga Ireland a highly-rated yoga studio. Students describe feeling transformed in body and mind after practising here.


With five conveniently located yoga studios in Dublin, Yogahub makes yoga accessible through its extensive class schedule. It offers over 200 weekly yoga and Pilates sessions including Flow, Yin, Slow Flow and Hot Yoga. Beginners can avail of a free class and discount coupons on signing up.

The vibrant studios have top-quality amenities like non-slip wooden floors, ambient lighting, showers and eco-friendly retail shops. A community of experienced teachers provides individual attention tailored to students’ fitness levels. Membership plans allow access to all locations with classes bookable online. 

In addition to a fun, friendly environment, Yogahub focuses on mindfulness, meditation and holistic living beyond physical asanas. Students recommend it for the variety of classes, reasonable prices and excellent instruction.  

360 Hot Yoga 

One of the well-branded yoga studios in Dublin, 360 Hot Yoga has been a pioneer of infrared-heated yoga classes in Dublin for over 8 years. Its Absolute Hot Yoga and Hot Yin sessions offer a complete mind-body workout by holding poses longer in a heated room. Other speciality classes include Pre/Post-natal, Kids Yoga and even Parent & Baby yoga.

The two spacious studios have a modern design with natural light. Experienced instructors adapt the 26-posture sequences and backbends to accommodate different fitness levels. The schedule can get updated so checking the website for class timings is advised. Students love the friendly team and the sense of achievement from challenging hot yoga sessions here.

Additional amenities like showers, lockers and a retail shop provide convenience. Introductory offers and trial periods make 360 Hot Yoga accessible even for tight budgets.

The Yoga Lodge  

Centrally located in Dublin city, The Yoga Lodge provides a tranquil escape from urban life. As soon as one enters the minimalist yet cosy studio, stresses seem to melt away. The experienced teachers exude a Zen-like calm as they guide students through sequences tailored to their fitness levels.

From beginner Flow classes focusing on postural alignment to advanced Heart-Centered Vinyasa, there is something for yogis at every stage of their journey. The convenience of online booking and strategic location make it easy to attend sessions during lunch breaks or after work.

While some peak-time classes do get busy, students highlight the soothing ambience, reasonable membership fees and exceptional instruction as reasons for loving The Yoga Lodge. The sense of community and non-competitive environment allows them to find inner peace through yoga.

Space Between Yoga  

Living up to its name, Space Between Yoga helps people find stillness between the motion of poses. As one of the premium hot yoga studios in Dublin, it uses far infrared heating to safely warm up muscles and increase detoxification through sweat. The sleek, mood-lit studio provides a cocoon for focusing inward. 

Space Between specialises in powerful and dynamic styles of yoga including Rocket Yoga, Ashtanga, and Yin Yang Flow along with Pre/postnatal options. Expert teachers provide personalized guidance within a welcoming community environment.

Convenience factors include online booking of classes, cubbyholes and high-end shower rooms. First-time students can avail special introductory rates to experience the transformative hot yoga sessions. The variety of class styles, top-notch amenities and friendly community make Space Between Yoga an excellent option.


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Dublin offers state-of-the-art yoga studios catering to all interests and levels through Hot Yoga, Flow, Ashtanga, Prenatal and other popular styles. With experienced instructors, convenient schedules and member-friendly prices, yoga enthusiasts have ample choice.

Whether you are looking to heal injuries, reduce stress or improve fitness, attending yoga classes at these top-quality studios can truly transform your health and wellbeing. Committing to regular practice yields both physical and mental balance amidst Dublin’s fast-paced lifestyle.

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