5 Top Pilates Studios in Dublin


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Pilates Studios in Dublin

Pilates Studios in Dublin foster the culture of the popular full-body workout that focuses on building core strength, flexibility, and balance through controlled movements. Originally developed by German physical trainer Joseph Pilates. This low-impact exercise suits all ages and fitness levels. Practising Pilates regularly can help improve posture, coordination, and reduce stress. 

Pilates Studios in Dublin

With its emphasis on precise movements and alignment, finding an experienced instructor and a well-equipped studio is key to getting the most out of your Pilates workout. That’s where our guide to the best pilates studios in Dublin comes in! We’ve assessed numerous facilities across the city and singled out five exceptional destinations for classes in Dublin based on criteria like instructor expertise, class variety, amenities, and value. Read on for our top recommendations!

Best Pilates Studio For Quality Instructors

Pilates Studio For Quality Instructors

Live and Breathe Pilates

Located in the vibrant Portobello neighbourhood, Live and Breathe Pilates Studio gets top marks for its skilled instructors, personalised class options, and excellent facilities. 

They have a qualified team of instructors. Each teacher brings a wealth of experience guiding clients from beginner to advanced levels. First-timers can opt for an assessment to determine the right class fit. The studio offers private lessons along with a variety of small group classes like mat, reformer, and barre pilates. There are also their speciality classes for specific groups such as prenatal, seniors, and injury recovery.

Class sizes are intentionally kept small, ensuring clients receive individual attention. Live and Breathe makes use of an online booking system, helpful for reserving your spot in popular classes.

While Live and Breathe has a more premium price point, new client special offers help offset costs. Take advantage of their discounted 4-pack session for first-timers to sample this exceptional studio in Dublin. 

Reformer Pilates Studio in Dublin for

Pilates Studio in Dublin for Reformer Pilates

Pilates Performance Ireland

Pilates Performance Ireland in Rathfarnham is regarded as one of Ireland’s leading centres, and for good reasons.

Overseen by instructor Sarah MacLachlan, This establishment employs a team of dedicated teachers to meet a range of needs. Whether you’re rehabilitating an injury or training for your sport of choice, their customised programs deliver. Classes run the gamut from beginner mat lessons to advanced reformer pilates Dublin sessions. Speciality options include golf conditioning, prenatal, and more on offer.

The studio features professional-grade Gratz equipment including reformers, Cadillac trapeze tables, lumbar supports, and more. Spacious training areas allow for full use of the apparatus – key for practising more complex reformer pilates moves. The online booking and membership options also help make repeat classes more convenient. 

Best Pilates Studio in Dublin For Organisation

Best Pilates Studio in Dublin For Organisation

The Pilates Studio Dublin  

Tucked away in bustling Ranelagh village, the Pilates Studio Dublin provides an oasis for low-impact movement. Dedicated instructor Vlada LE Lewis founded this haven after studying under luminary Romana Kryzanowska. Her attention to precision technique makes this spot shine.

Mat and reformer Pilates make up the core class offerings here. From beginner fundamentals to intermediate/advanced lessons, variety abounds. Barre fusion classes are also on the schedule for those seeking to mix things up. 

While compact, the studio contains professional apparatus including reformers, Cadillac trapeze tables, chairs, and more. Wall-to-wall mirrors aid in checking form. Online booking simplifies access to the often full schedule. Newcomer discounts and package deals help offset the above-average pricing.

Best Pilates Studio in Dublin With Physiotherapy Inclusion

Pilates Studio in Dublin With Physiotherapy Inclusion

Real Bodies Pilates

Operating two studios in Glasnevin and Rathfarnham, Real Bodies Pilates brings community-focused lessons to Dublin’s north and south sides. Director Ros McManus oversees classes blending pilates fundamentals with physiotherapy techniques for whole body health.

While reformer pilates and equipment-based classes are not part of the program here, the mat lessons impress. McManus and her team fuse their sessions well with rehabilitative exercises to strengthen joints, enhance mobility, and promote better posture alignment. The smaller studio setups allow for hands-on adjustments and feedback. Yet rather than private lessons, most classes run as medium-sized groups.

Pricing therefore remains reasonable, especially for multi-class bundles. While mainly mat pilates-focused, Real Bodies infuses tradition with physiotherapy for community-centred wellness.

Best Pilates Studio in Dublin for Injury Rehabilitation

Pilates Studio in Dublin for Injury Rehabilitation

Life Balance Pilates Studio 

Rounding out our list is Life Balance Studio in Blackrock Village. An intimate space owned and operated by instructor Joe Walsh, it earns applause for specialising in injury rehabilitation pilates. With one-on-one sessions as the emphasis, it provides an extra level of customisation.

What makes Life Balance stand out is its therapeutic approach. Walsh assesses clients’ needs and abilities and then tailors private pilates sessions appropriately. His training incorporates massage and manipulation techniques to gently increase mobility and flexibility. Whether healing muscle strain or joint problems, these precise lessons progress at the right pace thanks to abundant instructor attention.


Whether you’re new to pilates or looking to advance your practice, there are fantastic studios in Dublin to choose from. Dublin is blessed with Yoga and Pilates Studios that know their onions. By selecting locations with skilled teachers, top-quality apparatus, and small class sizes, you’ll be well on your way to your desired goal.

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