Dublin fashion designer Laura Weber unveils exclusive outfits for Ireland for the Paris Olympics


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Originally from Rathfarnham in Dublin, designer Laura Weber, now based in New York, has designed the official formal outfits for Team Ireland athletes participating in this summer’s Paris Olympics.

Through her brand LW Pearl, Weber’s creations reflect a harmonious blend of tradition and contemporary trends, fitting for the centenary anniversary of Irish Olympic representation.

With major accomplishments in the US fashion industry, she has worked alongside notable names such as Rihanna, Kaia Gerber, Lily Aldridge, Marc Jacobs, Proenza Schouler, and Thom Browne.

In 2019, Weber founded LW Pearl – a couture, premium service to fashion designers, showcasing her dedication and expertise in the field.

The formal uniforms for Team Ireland’s athletes incorporate national symbols and embellishments that reflect both their abilities and national pride.

Key Design Elements

Weber prioritized sustainability by using recycled plastics to create the fabrics for the Opening Ceremony outfits, ensuring athletes remain cool in the heat.

The sleeves are intricately embellished with each Olympian’s county patch, artistically interpreted through beads, sequins, and stones.

The uniforms’ designs feature four shamrocks as a tribute to Ireland and its provinces.Β On the inside of each jacket, an embroidered name tag makes it a cherished keepsake for the athletes.

The Closing Ceremony jacket features a star-shaped neckline to secure medals comfortably and create iconic photographs.

Weber’s work displays both national pride and cultural significance while maintaining a sophisticated, functional, and fashionable appearance.

In September 2021, she expressed her innovative uniform concept to the Olympic Federation of Ireland (OFI), aiming for a striking impact.

Her painstaking care in executing each detail showcases her steadfast dedication to reaching peak performance, much like the athletes she designs for.

Weber’s inspiration came from Ireland’s rich history, culture, and locality as she aimed to create meaningful design elements that transcend fashion.

The opening ceremony outfits include a t-shirt with color degradation on the sleeves to evoke the Irish landscape.Β Trousers feature tri-color side piping for a subtle representation of the national flag.

In order to perfectly match the formal outfits, Laura Weber has designed custom shoes for each Team Ireland athlete. These shoes boast multiple layers for depth and form, an added cushion for comfort, and a unique design that adds to the sophistication of her creations while ensuring a flawless fit for every athlete.

Laura Weber presents each Team Ireland athlete with a unique and cherished leather shamrock charm as a token of appreciation for their dedication and hard work, symbolizing the deep connection between their Irish heritage and their athletic achievements.

Athletes Share Their Excitement

In an interview, Dean Clancy (Sligo, Boxing), expressed his immense pride in wearing the exclusive Team Ireland uniform, recognizing its deep-rooted importance for Irish athletes as they embody their national identity and compete against the best from around the world.

Through her visionary approach to design, Laura Weber has crafted formal outfits for Team Ireland’s athletes that not only accentuate their athletic prowess but also proudly showcase their Irish heritage and identity in a striking and unforgettable way on the international stage.

I am so proud to represent and interpret Ireland’s identity on a global stage. I wanted our athletes to look amazing while they perform at their peak on behalf of Ireland. I want to thank every athlete and, of course, the OFI for allowing me this opportunity

Laura Weber

Laura Weber’s innovative uniform designs for Team Ireland not only reflect the unparalleled athletic prowess of its members but also proudly showcase their unique Irish heritage and identity.

Weber opened up about her collaboration with Team Ireland in a recent interview, expressing her passion for combining time-honored Irish traditions with contemporary trends in her groundbreaking uniform designs. She emphasized the importance of celebrating Ireland’s rich history and heritage while creating a bold statement for the athletes on the global stage.

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