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8 violence, tags: domestic -

Unmasking the dark reality: Addressing domestic violence in Dublin 10


A recent report has shed light on a troubling trend of domestic violence within the Ballyfermot and Cherry Orchard neighborhoods ...

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Irish actor Eoin Duffy shares unforgettable experience at Cannes Film Festival


Irish actor Eoin Duffy recently graced the prestigious Cannes Film Festival in France, where he walked the red carpet for ...

Technological University Dublin, tags: tu enrollment 15 courses - CC BY-SA

TU Dublin halts enrollment for 15 college courses amid €9m deficit


Technological University Dublin (TU Dublin) is temporarily halting enrollment for 15 college courses due to low student numbers and the ...

12 Passengers Injured as Dublin-Bound Flight Hits Severe Turbulence, Concept art for illustrative purpose, tags: turbulence qatar airways - Monok

Qatar Airways passengers to Dublin faced severe turbulence, with 12 injured


On a Qatar Airways flight from Doha to Dublin yesterday, passengers reported severe turbulence and chaos on board as the ...

Michael D Gaeilge - Michael D Gaeilge, TG4TV michael d higgins michaeld80 G4p58VlhUxXChXriRD, tags: bombings - Giphy / TG4TV

President Higgins calls for truth and justice during 50th anniversary of Dublin-Monaghan bombings


A solemn ceremony took place in Dublin on May 17, commemorating the 50th anniversary of a tragic series of bombings ...

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Asylum seekers relocated from Dublin’s Grand Canal tents


In a coordinated effort by Irish authorities, over 100 tents along the Grand Canal in Dublin were cleared, relocating approximately ...

"Brexit Express": A Growing Trend of Migrants Fleeing the UK towards Dublin, Concept art for illustrative purpose, tags: brexit - Monok

Brexit Express: a growing trend of migrants fleeing the UK towards Dublin


The Belfast-to-Dublin coach route, once a routine commuting journey, has been rechristened as the Brexit Express owing to the escalating ...

Dublin Councillor Seeks Action on Repeatedly Removed Bus Stop in Raheny, Concept art for illustrative purpose - Monok

Dublin councillor seeks action on repeatedly removed bus stop in Raheny


A Dublin City Councillor has raised concerns over a peculiar situation involving a bus stop in Raheny that has been ...

Shane MacGowan - The Pogues, Nokia Theater, NYC, St Patrick's Day 2006, tags: historic - Mordac via Flickr

Historic loss: Shane MacGowan’s easter rising rifle stolen


The legacy of Shane MacGowan, the legendary Pogues frontman, has taken a sad turn with the news of a significant ...

Unearthing Dublin Port's Hidden History: A New Conservation Strategy Reveals 300 Years of Maritime Heritage, Concept art for illustrative purpose, tags: history - Monok

Dublin Port’s hidden history: a new conservation strategy reveals 300 Years of maritime heritage


Dublin Port Company (DPC) has introduced a new Conservation Strategy, illuminating the rich maritime history of Dublin Port from the ...