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Screenshot from Road House

Gyllenhaal and McGregor shine in critically acclaimed ‘Road House’ revival


The 1989 release of Road House catapulted it to cult status, but the 2024 modern reinterpretation seems poised to outshine ...

William Shakespeare - William Shakespeare by John Taylor, tags: rose - CC BY-SA

Dublin actress embarks on a quest to uncover the true identity of Shakespeare


In her riveting new show, “A Rose by Any Other Name,” Dublin actress and lawyer Rose Loughlin presents a captivating ...

Stock Photo, tags: stephen lifetime achievement award -

Stephen Rea to receive lifetime achievement award at IFTAs


A Lifetime Achievement Award is to be Presented to Stephen Rea by the Irish Academy The Irish Film & Television ...

Left: Isabelle Huppert, Right: Steve McQueen, tags: dublin international film festival - CC

Dublin INTERNATIONAL Film Festival 2024: Showcasing the best of Irish and global cinema


The 22nd edition of the Dublin International Film Festival concluded last weekend, bringing together a diverse range of films and ...

Video Screenshot, tags: dublin international film festival - Youtube

Dublin International Film Festival 2024: Ten Movies that You Should See


The annual Dublin International Film Festival (DIFF) is set to return, bringing a diverse lineup of movies from around the ...

Cinemas in Dublin

Best Cinemas in Dublin To Watch a Movie


Watching a movie is one of the easiest ways to lay back anywhere and knowing the best cinemas in Dublin ...

Video, tags: cillian oscar nomination - Youtube

Cillian Murphy celebrates first-ever Oscar nomination in Cork


Cork-born actor Cillian Murphy received the news of his first-ever Oscar nomination for the main role in “Oppenheimer” on Tuesday ...