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Palestinian embassy to open in Dublin as Ireland and Palestine exchange diplomatic recognition


The Irish Government confirmed its decision to formally recognize the state of Palestine yesterday, joining Norway and Spain in this ...

2024 Dublin Literary Award: Irish and International Authors Shortlisted, Concept art for illustrative purpose, tags: novels - Monok

Dublin Literary Award 2024: Irish and international authors shortlisted


Six outstanding novels have been announced as finalists for the prestigious Dublin Literary Award 2024 version, presented by the Dublin ...

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Unique connection: Live streaming Dublin and New york through “The portal”


Imagine standing in New York City and gazing upon a live stream of Dublin’s bustling O’Connell Street. Or picture yourself ...

Dublin Live Camera

Dublin Live Camera: Best Views In The City


One excellent way to get a flavour of the energy and landscape of the city of Dublin without even travelling ...

Interesting Facts About Dublin

10 Interesting Facts About Dublin


Dublin derives its name from the Irish Dubh Linn, meaning “black pool”, referring to a dark muddy pool where the ...

Dublin Artistry

Best Free Museums in Dublin


As Ireland’s capital and largest city, there is no shortage of museums in Dublin. There are many fascinating ones, some ...

Darkness into light organised walk

Darkness into Light Dublin – All you need to know


Symbolic events are great ways to raise funds and create awareness for things that matter in the world. Darkness into ...