Discover the latest trends on everything food-related in Dublin. Read up on recipes, restaurants, and food-making processes. Also, get news on new food policies and regulations in Ireland.

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Michael Flatley launches signature Flatley whiskey in Dublin


Michael Flatley’s recent introduction of “Flatley Whiskey: The Dreamer” transcends the boundaries of a mere product launch; it embodies a ...

2023: Unprecedented Number of Food Closure Orders Issued in Dublin, Concept art for illustrative purpose, tags: safety - Monok

Dublin faces unprecedented number of food closure orders amid health and safety concerns


The Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) has mandated the closure of five establishments operating within the bustling Moore Street ...

SoHo Dublin: Reviving Dublin's Nightlife Scene with Old School Values, Concept art for illustrative purpose - Monok

SoHo Dublin: reviving Dublin’s nightlife scene


In a time when Dublin’s nightlife scene seems to have lost its vibrance, SoHo Dublin, a new nightclub and entertainment ...

Dublin Pub Stands Up Against Price Hikes: Kavanagh's Removes Some Diageo Taps, Concept art for illustrative purpose - Monok

Local pub in Dublin fights price increase by removing taps for select drinks


The proprietor of Kavanagh’s, situated on New Street in the Liberties, shared his discontent on social media when Diageo, the ...

Smithfield Fruit & Vegetable Market, Dublin, tags: historic market - (Image: Commerce)

Revival of Dublin’s historic fruit and vegetable market in Smithfield


Smithfield’s historic Victorian market in Dublin, located on Mary’s Lane, is preparing for a revival following a five-year closure. The ...

Mexican Food in Dublin

Best Mexican Food In Dublin


As far as the tales of the Mexicans go, the tales of Mexican foods and their delicacies go further. Mexican ...

Indian Restaurants in Dublin

Indian Restaurants Near Me: Dublin’s Finest


Indian delicacies have found their way into many European countries. Indian restaurants are present in many cities and Dublin isn’t ...

Street food spots in Dublin

Top Street Food Spots To Try Out in Dublin


Street food in Dublin ranges from traditional cuisines to international dishes made with locally sourced ingredients. Dublin offers different street ...

Food buffet

History of Irish Cuisine


Irish cuisine history surges through its hearty stews, comforting breads, and fresh seafood. Irish food boasts a rich history that ...

Ireland's St. Patrick's Day Celebrations: Dublin's Fado Pub & Kitchen and the Urban Art Gallery, Concept art for illustrative purpose - Monok

St. Patrick’s Day celebrations: the Urban Art Gallery and Dublin City’s Fado Pub & Kitchen


This St. Patrick’s Day season, Dublin’s Fado Pub & Kitchen invites visitors to join in the festivities. Located at Bridge ...

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