McEvaddy Brothers propose €2.2bn third terminal at Dublin Airport


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Entrepreneurs Des and Ulick McEvaddy have recently announced ambitious plans to develop a proposed third terminal at Dublin Airport, strategically located on a sprawling 261-acre site they possess to the west of the airport’s current facilities.

Their visionary proposal encompasses constructing a state-of-the-art terminal building alongside establishing a modern cargo terminal, a luxurious hotel, ample parking facilities, and office spaces.

The comprehensive plans outline a privately owned and operated complex that would seamlessly integrate with Dublin Airport’s existing runway infrastructure, promising to enhance the airport’s capacity and services significantly.

D A Terminal 3 Ltd., founded by Des and Ulick McEvaddy to spearhead the future development of a third terminal at Dublin Airport, has officially submitted its initial Concept Plan to Fingal County Council. In addition, the McEvaddy brothers have actively been seeking potential buyers for the site.

According to their projections, the proposed development has the potential to effectively double Dublin Airport’s capacity for both passengers and freight, with an estimated investment of approximately €2.2 billion.

Vision for the Dublin Airport

The McEvaddys argue that Dublin Airport’s current plan to increase passenger numbers to forty million by 2030 is short-sighted and lacks a vision for future needs. The company claims its eco-friendly aviation plan meets and surpasses individual and corporate aviation expectations.

There is a lot of discussion around increasing the passenger cap to forty million passengers, but this is short-sighted and lacks vision for future needs

a spokesperson for D A Terminal 3

The company’s proposal adheres to the Dublin Airport plans adopted by the Fingal County Council, as delineated in the Fingal Development Plan 2023-2029 and the Dublin Airport Local Area Plan 2020.

Fran Whelan, Managing Director of Architecture at CWPA, the consulting team engaged by the brothers, shared her excitement about creating a modern airport design that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

The Concerned Land

The Concept Plan represents pre-application consultant information for the upcoming stages, including a pre-planning presentation followed by a formal planning application.

The McEvaddys have sought to sell this land over several decades but are proposing this expansion plan instead. They emphasized that their ambitious project offers an essential upgrade for Dublin Airport’s infrastructure and Ireland’s connectivity.

The next step is to engage all stakeholders, including Fingal County Council, An Bord Pleanála (the planning appeals board), and the Aircraft Noise Competent Authority.

Dublin Airport operator DAA noted that the McEvaddys have long sought to sell this land but are now pursuing these creative concepts for a third terminal.

The project’s estimated cost is €2.2bn, significantly higher than the €2.2bn cost of increasing Dublin Airport’s capacity by 20%.

It is essential that we have the infrastructure in place to meet the demands of the future.

A spokesperson for D.A Terminal 3 Ltd

Despite the challenges and potential hurdles ahead, the company remains committed to delivering a world-class airport expansion that meets future demands.

By submitting this Concept Plan, the McEvaddys have taken an essential step towards making their ambitious vision a reality.

Dublin Airport’s proposed new terminal is intended to tackle current problems like overcrowding and sanitation, all while enhancing its reputation as an international air transport centre.

It is crammed and there are queues everywhere.

A spokesperson from the McEvaddys Company

The New Proposal

The firm emphasizes creating a space that meets current passenger requirements and anticipates future needs.

Dublin Airport will continue to function as a crucial entry point for Ireland if our proposal is adopted, as it addresses the country’s developing transportation requirements in an all-encompassing manner.

With the expected increase in passengers, the brothers plan to optimize its existing runway and terminal capacity to accommodate the growing demand.

The brothers have engaged CWPA and Waterman Moylan as consulting partners in their pursuit of creating a state-of-the-art expansion for Dublin Airport.

The Concept Plan’s submission marks the beginning of an extensive process that includes pre-planning presentations, stakeholder engagement, and formal planning applications.

The brothers remain dedicated to working with all relevant national stakeholders to develop a cohesive, long-term expansion plan for Dublin Airport.

The McEvaddys have committed to investing in Ireland’s infrastructure by proposing this ambitious project that could significantly impact the nation’s economy and global connectivity.

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