Hines and American Realty Advisors announce plans for expanded Dublin redevelopment project


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Hines formally presented the second phase of its downtown Dublin redevelopment, which aims to transform a shopping center with surface parking into a mixed-use core akin to Main Street, which the city has long desired.

Over 1,500 homes and hundreds of thousands of square feet of new commercial space are part of the proposal, which was unveiled by the development team approximately a year ago for downtown Dublin.

In mid-May, the Houston-based developer filed an application for the second phase of the project at 7575 Dublin Blvd., outlining plans to construct 1,510 homes, 155,000 square feet of new retail space, and 535,000 square feet of research and development space on 28 acres of land that is currently Dublin Place Shopping Center.

According to city records, the project, called Dublin Commons, will also include a one-acre public park and 120,000 square feet of existing retail space. The plan calls for more than half a dozen buildings to rise to a maximum height of eight stories.

The proposal is being made one year after Hines, American Realty Advisors, and project architect Gensler proposed a 35,000-square-foot retail building at 7200 Amador Plaza Road, which essentially constitutes the first phase of the redevelopment of downtown.

At the end of 2022, representatives from Hines informed city officials that the development team intended to move current Dublin Place tenants into that building in order to make room for the shopping center’s larger redevelopment.

An ambitious redevelopment project

The project’s initial phase was supposed to be presented to the Dublin Planning Commission on Tuesday; however, the meeting has since been postponed. On Monday, the city of Dublin was not immediately available for an interview, and Hines did not reply to a series of inquiries regarding the project that were sent via email.

Since Dublin passed a conceptual plan in 2019 that established the framework for extensive redevelopment of the area, the second phase’s proposal has brought to life the type of downtown that the city has formally sought to cultivate in its downtown specific plan area.

In the 11 years that Hazel Wetherford has been in Dublin, the community has consistently desired a Main Street-style downtown similar to those in neighboring communities, she explained to the Business Times at the end of 2022.

For Hines and ARA, obtaining entitlements for the project’s second phase would be a critical step forward, particularly as they prepared to submit the project’s first phase for approval to the city.

However, the application does not imply that construction on Dublin Commons will begin anytime soon. Unfavorable market conditions have essentially put a stop to new development in the Bay Area.

These conditions include stagnant residential rents, volatile demand for commercial space, and high construction costs. Hines itself has yet to proceed with a number of sizable entitled projects in San Francisco, such as Parcel F and the renovation of PG&E’s previous city headquarters.

Based in Los Angeles in 2015, ARA paid $51.1 million to purchase Dublin Place, stating at the time that it would look into bringing in additional business and residential uses. The investor has been in talks with Burlington Coat Factory, the owner of other nearby parcels, and currently holds the majority of a central portion of the Dublin Downtown Specific Plan area.

As of March of this year, ARA indicated on its website that the organization was managing assets worth a total of $11.5 billion.

The much-awaited appearance of the initial phase of the redevelopment project before the Dublin Planning Commission signifies an important milestone in the process, providing valuable insights into the current status of the development and the anticipated advantages it will bring to the community.

Dublin’s downtown area is on the brink of a transformative period with this expansion, which promises to introduce greater diversity and economic vitality.

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