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Singer Noah Kahan apologises for ‘Dublin, UK’ label on concert merch


American singer and songwriter Noah Kahan apologised for his controversial concert patches. The patch for his Irish show was labelled ...

Best Rugby Pubs in Dublin

Best Rugby Pubs In Dublin To Watch The Six Nations 2024 


This year’s edition of the Six Nations, or Guinness Six Nations kicks off on Friday, 2nd of February, with Ireland ...

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Cillian Murphy celebrates first-ever Oscar nomination in Cork


Cork-born actor Cillian Murphy received the news of his first-ever Oscar nomination for the main role in “Oppenheimer” on Tuesday ...

A School Campus

All You Need To Know About Student Accommodation in Dublin


Dublin is home to several world-class universities that attract students from across Ireland and around the world. As one of ...

storm ireland

Storm Jocelyn to bring further chaos amid damages post-Storm Isha


The Storm Jocelyn that is expected to strike Ireland by Tuesday afternoon may cause further damage to trees and power ...

Darkness into light organised walk

Darkness into Light Dublin – All you need to know


Symbolic events are great ways to raise funds and create awareness for things that matter in the world. Darkness into ...

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One killed in Dublin homeless hostel explosion, investigation underway


Gardaí are investigating the cause behind a Thursday explosion in Dublin city centre’s Depaul homeless hostel, which killed a person. ...

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Storm Isha causes major power outages, flight cancellations


Storm Isha swept through Ireland on Sunday and caused unprecedented damages leading to major power outages and flight cancellations, primarily ...

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Dublin’s Dean Rock retires from inter-country career


Dublin county footballer Dean Rock announced his retirement from inter-county football on Tuesday after playing at senior level since 2012. ...

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Irish MMA community unites for severely injured pro fighter Ryan Curtis


The Irish mixed martial arts (MMA) community is rallying to show its support for pro flyweight MMA fighter Ryan Curtis, ...