Stevie Nicks - Stevie Nicks And Dave Stewart Perform At Sydney Entertainment Centre

You wouldn't usually expect for Dave Stewart to be support for a Stevie Nicks tour, but that's exactly what's happening this Australian tour, and Sydney fans saw it happen at the iconic Sydney Entertainment Centre tonight.

Casual fans probably didn't know that Stewart produced Nicks' new album, In Your Dreams, and believe us - it's a real treat for both Stewart and Nicks' fans.

Brian McFadden acted as a bit of a third wheel, but there's no doubt McFadden still enjoys a strong fan base in Australia.

Nicks performed Fleetwood Mac's Dreams, the band's prized #1 from years gone by. 

We also heard numbers from her new A Vampire's Dream, Soldier's Angel.

The new songs featured Stewart on guitar and resonated with the Sydney audience.

If you were a Nicks, Stewart or even a McFadden fan, this is the place you had to be at tonight.

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