InDublin has a rich heritage dating back to April 1976 – 

First, as a hard copy magazine, published every second Friday – providing insights into the events in the vibrant city. 

The first edition, which could be purchased for 10p, opened with “Note for the Reader. How do you like it IN DUBLIN?” and quickly became a cultural hit with demand exceeding supply.

The magazine was originally published at 9 Winton Road, Dublin 6, a beautiful Victorian property that, in later years, became home to esteemed actor and writer Jeananne Crowley. She bought the mansion in poor condition in 1988 and restored the house to its former glory before auctioning it in 2001 for north of €2 million euros.  

The first version of the magazine was brought to the Irish people by John Doyle, Ciaran McGinley, Helen Murphy, Eivlin Roden & Ted Turton (who also worked on the cover design).

This repurposed publication is a tribute to the collective efforts of these pioneering Irish editors who played a pivotal role in providing local knowledge to the people of Dublin. 

Note for the reader. InDublin has been owned and operated through various means and ownership structures. As an independent publishing house, it has operated almost continuously for the past 48 years. Yet, it has not survived from the 70s to now without controversy. In 1999, previous holders were banned by the Censorship of Publications Board for six months for editions frequently being indecent or obscene and more recently, in 2011, similar reports & rumours of bans resurfaced. 

InDublin, reborn in 2024, is an online journal that provides the people of Ireland, near or afar, with news, updates, inside information and most importantly, knowledge. 

In keeping with the original 1970s publication, we too feel that if readers respond actively, the site can become a useful community board for information of all kinds. 

Our goal is to add value while promoting transparent journalism. We hope that by sharing worthwhile information, tips and stories, we can bring the Dublin community together. 

Here’s to the next 48 years. Here, InDublin.